We assist in getting swithces and optics for teh IXP Peering fabric

Root Servers

We help bring root servers and .cc / .tld servers out to the edge.


We help in the virtualization and setup of servers to provide creital infrastructre.


We provide particpant training on BGP configuration, Routing Registries, RPKI, IPv6 and other areas supporting the operator and their members

Anyting Else

Let us know how to best help you.


We assist in the installation of open source IXP-Manager software to help operate and automate IXP functions .

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Upcoming Events

Meet with us here!

How to 
help out

You can assist us in several different ways.

1- Time - if you have time to give with programming, installation or training just let us know.
2- Equipment - if you have used ethernet switching equipment, optics, tranmsission gear, racks, power distridution units, servers, etc, just let us know and we might be able to help you clear out some space and help a good cause.
3 - Cash - If you can help us with cash or even some services, just let us know.

Any donations are tax dedcutible per IRS guidlines.